About Nitzan Avidor

My name is Nitzan Avidor, I live and work on my art in Gan Haim, a small agricultural village Israel where I was born and raised with three brothers and a sister.

My mother worked as a nurse in the hospital and my father was a history and geography teacher with a wide general knowledge. In our living room stood a large library, full of books in a wide variety of subjects.

This library attracted me and was my source of inspiration. From a very young age, I was attracted to the rich collection of art books. Gustav Dore’s Illustrated Bible, a sculpture by August Rodin … from ancient Egyptian art to modern art, I absorbed them all. At that time I already knew I will be an artist, a sculptor.


As a young boy, I studied mechanical engineering and engaged in this profession to support myself. However, I never stopped creating as an amateur artist. I painted, sculpted from time to time and even studied to be a goldsmith.

About 14 years ago, I decided to fulfill my childhood dream. I quit my job as maintenance manager and became a full time artist who devotes his time for art.

Sources of Inspiration

Tolerance, acceptance of the different, compassion and equality among people are my life motives. This philosophy runs through my works.

The Biblical stories, the Greek mythology and other moral demonstrating stories are some of the sources of inspiration for my creation.

In my works, many images correspond to these narratives, for example:

  • Icarus
  • Cain and Abel
  • The garden of Eden
  • Job passion – A 9-image installation of the biblical Job


Masterpieces of artists like Michelangelo, Edward Manet, Marc Chagall, Egon Schiele and others are also a source of inspiration for me. Quite a few of my sculptures correspond with those works.

For example, sculptures I made:

  • Creation of man
  • The Luncheon on the grass
  • The kiss


My work is influenced by different art trends, especially pop art with its colorfulness and abstract.


Moreover, I like to document different situations, poses and visual statements of human beings. Like a photographer that freezes reality in a picture, I “freeze” images in different situations and in different visual statements and “wrap” them in color.

My Technique of Creation

My sculpture is mainly figurative and many of my works are large (2 meters high and above) and are intended for public spaces placement.
I use a unique technique that I have developed over time and was refined over the years. I connect iron bands of 20-30 mm wide, 3 mm thick and different lengths by welding, resulting in creating a three-dimensional body shells. When the body is complete, I polish it, hot zinc coating it by immersing and painting in several layers of high durability paint.

The result is a colorful sculpture with maximum resilience to corrosion of the outside surrounding.
Sculpting in this technique has many advantages. It allows the creation of three-dimensional bodies of any size and shape, high structural strength and precision, with relatively low production costs.

My sculptures, made in this technique, are now exhibited in a public spaces, parks, campuses and cities in Israel.

In recent years, I have been exploring new frontiers. I began to integrate additional materials beyond iron.
I combine toys, toy parts, ready made, lighting strips of various kinds and more.

“My Second Childhood” and “borrowed time creation”, two solo exhibitions of creative environmental sculpture, purchased and placed for constant exhibitions. The first in the Achva Academic College in southern Israel and the second in a public park in the city of Kfar Saba in the central Israel.
I also participated in the Florence Biennale in 2017 and received a medal and an appreciation certificate in the sculpture category.

You can see the works on my website and on my Facebook page.



My work is colorful, with a childish disposition.
My goal is to bring the viewer a strong visual experience and to stimulate his curiosity encouraging him to examine the sculpture and discover new and interesting sides beneath the garish colors and sometimes different narratives on a variety of subjects.

Nitzan Avidor